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No staged shots - No awkward posing

Weddings are emotional days filled with love, laughter and tears. My approach lets those moments shine through so you can look back on the real story of your wedding. I won’t get in your way, ask you to pose for the camera or do anything for my benefit. The day is about you and your guests having a great time. I am simply their to capture it all naturally.

Every shot is taken in the moment without direction or intrusion into your day.

Each wedding is unique and by letting your day unfold naturally I can capture those small personal moments that tell the story of your wedding and make it truly yours. If you want a wedding and not a photo shoot, I think I might be just the kind of wedding photographer you’re looking for - a wedding photographer who doesn’t behave like a normal wedding photographer.


I love being a Birmingham wedding photographer, but I also work across the West Midlands and the UK

We’re absolutely overwhelmed by all the beautiful shots and the little moments that you were able to capture.
— Alice Philpott, Worcester

Take a look at the slideshow below from a recent wedding at Leeds Castle in Kent to get an idea of my approach to wedding photography.



Complete Dedication to your day

To really tell the story of your day you'll need a photographer who is there for the whole thing.

I don't rush out the door after the first dance is over.

I start 3 hours before the ceremony and stay until at least 10pm, sometimes later. 

From morning Prosecco to grandma on the dance floor - I want to be there to capture it all.



While my focus throughout the day is on real moments I understand you might want a few family group shots.

I am more than happy to take these for you. I recommend 6-7 group shots and it usually takes around 15 minutes. I like to keep this part of the day simple and I have a technique for doing them which mean I can get through them in around 15 minutes so you can spend less time with me and more time with family and friends. You can read more about my approach to group shots here.


It can be the most unexpected moments which produce greatest images. When you’re relaxed, having fun and being yourself, I produce my best work.

Forget I'm there, have the amazing day you've worked so hard to organise without interruption and then spend a lifetime reliving it again and again. 

I’ve cried and laughed looking through them telling the story of the day.
— Michelle & Matt Kimberley, Bromsgrove
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