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DOCUMENTARY wedding photography

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Getting married? I'd love to capture your big day and give you a lifetime of special memories.


I have a passion for photography and documenting people in real, natural moments. My aim as your wedding photographer is to deliver you a documentary style set of candid photos which show your day unfolding as it really happened from start to finish.


I'm based in Birmingham, but I'm happy to travel across the UK and abroad as required to capture your big day.



Documentary wedding photography means true story telling. Capturing the day as it happens without interfering or directing anyone in any way. I won't interrupt you to look at the camera or move you to get a particular pose or look.

Each wedding is unique and by letting your day unfold naturally I can capture those small personal moments rather than taking a series of dull photos with everyone staring back at the camera. It's the small details which make your wedding day unique and by not getting involved I can show you those moments and hopefully when you look back through your photos in 10 years time you won't remember me being there. Watch the video slideshow below for a highlights package, I also have some featured weddings to view so you can get the complete picture of my style.



Complete Dedication to your day

To really tell the story of your day you'll need a photographer who is there for the whole thing.

I don't have limited hours packages or go home straight after the first dance.

I start 3 hours before the ceremony and stay until at least 10pm, sometimes later. 

From morning Prosecco to grandma on the dance floor - I want to be there to capture it all.


There is of course a need for some group shots and some pictures of you both. The group shots are a great way to record who was there and portrait shots of the two of you are the ones you'll want on the front of the album.

I like to keep this part of the day simple and quick. I recommend 5-6 group shots and it usually takes just 10-15 minutes. The portraits shots of the two of you are very relaxed and also take around 15 minutes, so you can spend less time with me and more time enjoying your day with family and friends.



After all, don't all wedding photographers take candid, natural photos?

There's a difference between taking a few candid images from time to time and documenting a story. Documentary photography (sometimes called photo journalism) is an approach to all types of photography which values true storytelling. A documentary wedding photographer uses the entire set of photographs to tell the story, pictures flow together. Single candid images don't need to tell a story individually or together and a lot of traditional wedding photographers aren't actively looking for real moments. They only snap them if they see them. Where a documentary photographer is looking for and anticipating events, meaning they are there ready when they happen and take an image that draws a person into the scene to make them feel like they were there, or are back there again if they are in the picture. It's a different way of thinking.



It can be the most unexpected moments which produce greatest images. When you’re relaxed, having fun and being yourself, I produce my best work.

Forget I'm there, have the amazing day you've worked so hard to organise without interruption and then spend a lifetime reliving it again and again. 


I’ve cried and laughed looking through them telling the story of the day.
— Michelle & Matt Kimberley, Bromsgrove
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