How to choose your cover style and optional upgrades.

  • Pick a cover style: text or picture

  • Pick a material.

  • Pick a text style or let me know what picture you would like to use.

  • Pick an album size: 10”x10” or 12”x12”

  • Choose additional spreads. Note: If we have already designed the album you will already know how many spreads you are using.


  • Pick a complete upgrade to an Impression Album - Scroll down to bottom of the page to see what an Impression Album is.

photo album options 3


Your package includes a 10”x10” Photo Album with 15 spreads. This holds up to 80 images. We will probably have deigned the spreads already and you will know how many additional spreads you are using, if any.

All albums come in a black box.


You can select either a text cover or picture cover for no additional cost.


Text Cover


Picture Cover

Photo Album Cover Options 2


Material Options

Please note real leather is £15 extra. Leather Look and Fabrics are no additional cost



Text Options

Pick a font and colour and let me know what wording you would like. 3 lines max. 2 looks best.

If you would like a picture cover please let me know what image you would like to use and I will send you a mock-up.

Text Options


Size Options

10”x10” comes as standard, you can make it a 12”x12” for £50

Size Options.jpg


Extra spreads

  • 10”x10” spreads - £15 each

  • 12”x12” spreads - £20 each

Album Sample


Impression Album

You can upgrade everything to an Impression Album.

  • These are 12”x12” with either 20, 25 or 30 spreads only. (If the album we have designed is a different number of spreads we will need to revise the design).

  • Black silk spreads to start and finish.

  • Silk photo finish (subtle texture to the page, with a softer, more luxurious feel to the touch)

  • Your initials on the front of both the box and album

  • Choice of 4 materials

    20 spreads - £400

    25 spreads - £450

    30 spreads - £500


Material Options

Duck Egg - Purple - Grey - Cream