Rodbaston Hall Wedding Photography

Angela & Jonathan, 14th October 2017

Rodbaston Hall ready for the day's wedding

Rodbaston Hall Wedding

This October saw my first visit to the beautiful Rodbaston Hall near Penkridge. Set in 444 acres of picturesque Staffordshire countryside Rodbaston Hall was built in the 1800s and boasts two impressive gardens and some fantastic architecture. It now sits within the grounds of South Staffordshire College's Rodbaston Campus which includes their floristry department who provided the flowers for the day.

Angela & Jonathan couldn’t have picked more perfect weather and the time of year meant there were some amazing colours in the grounds outside the main house.

A Wedding Ceremony with a Difference

This wedding was a little different as the couple arrived together after their guests who had gathered in the driveway ready to greet them. This meant no bride prep and with a 3:30pm ceremony it was a bit of a later start than usual for me and gave me a chance to walk around the grounds and take in the autumn colours and plan out the Couple’s Shoot.

Guests started to gather from 2:30pm and mingled in the main drive outside the front doors as the children played in the front garden.

The couple arrived together in style at 3pm in a wonderful 60 year old Austin A35. It originally belonged to the groom's grandfather and they’d spent 3 years getting it ready. They greeted everyone before going into their meeting with the registrar at the same time. Then, in keeping with the style of the day so far, they both walked down the aisle together. It’s the first time I've had a couple arrive together and walk each other down the aisle. I love anything at weddings that’s different and makes the day unique to the couple as it always makes for some great pictures.

The couple’s shoot was probably my favourite from this year as the low sun gave the perfect light and caught the colours in the grounds perfectly. Angela & Jonathan said they were both nervous in front of the camera, but you couldn’t tell on the day as they were clearly too engrossed in each other to notice me.

Fun Evening Reception at Rodbaston Hall

In the evening the new Mr and Mrs Starling has something else a little different planned as Jonathan’s old band, Bad Hair Days, got together and played a set before the main band took over. This was one of the highlights of the day for me as it was fun to capture and you got the sense the guys were having a great time playing together.

The evening was finished off with live music from Provocateurs who are one of the best live bands I've seen at a wedding for a long time, with the added bonus of a live saxophone which we got on the dance floor at one point.

Getting Married at Rodbaston Hall?

If you’re having a wedding at Rodbaston Hall and would like your day photographed in a true documentary style like I did for Angela and Jonathan, I'd love to hear from you.


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Below are a selection of pictures from the day.