Weddings are full of big moments and small moments. The big moments are the key parts of the day around which events revolve. I will capture these moments, of course, they are the bread and butter of any wedding gallery. But the true story of your day lies in the small moments that happen. It’s the small things that make a wedding unique. Moments so small or fast that they can be quickly forgotten, or not even noticed at all. My job is see all these things and document them for you to relive (or maybe even see for the first time) when you look back through your pictures.


While my focus during the day is on the people, it’s important to remember to include the details. Dresses and suits, table decorations, buttonholes, the table plan, the wedding cake, etc. You spend a lot of time choosing these because they are important to you and how you want your day to look and feel. That means it’s important for me to document them. They are a part of the story of your day. There’s a common misconception that documentary photography is all about people, but it’s not. Stories can be told when there’s no one in the frame.

I don’t turn my documentary style off and on during the day. This gives the whole set of images a constant look and feel. I will record what the dress looked like, but I’ll never take it away and hang it from a tree, or place your shoes in a window. I won’t take your rings and put them inside a flower. Overly stylised detail shots are jarring when viewed alongside documentary images. Your dress looks best when it’s being worn. Flowers look their best when they’re being held and are seen in context of your day.

Below is a selection of images. Some are small moments. Some are hidden moments the happy couple don’t see on the day. Some are detailed shots of the small things, all taken without interference. All of them are a vital part of telling the story of the day.